ATC, Precision products for life critical applications since 1951.

Precision products for life critical applications since 1951

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ATC are manufacturers of precision critical, high quality, high accuracy devices for the Medical and Aerospace markets.

  • Family business since 1951 and established medical device vendor for over 20 years

  • One of the largest contract medical device manufacturers in the UK and Ireland

  • FDA Class 3 medical device manufacturer supplying implants and disposable instrumentation

  • Majority of work is orthopaedic (spine, trauma and recon.), neuroscience, prosthetic limb, varied medical devices including anaesthetic delivery equipment and bespoke aircraft components

  • 70% of T/O is export, 50% of T/O goes to the US

  • FDA registered supplier into the USA

ATC Ltd head office, Salfords, Surrey
Orthopedic Implants & Instruments

Implants & Instruments in Titanium, 316LVM, Peek, 174PH, Cobalt Chrome & UHMWPE.

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Disposable neuroscience instruments

Disposable instruments for operating mainly on brain and liver tumours.

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Prosthetic limb assemblies

Prosthetic limb assemblies allowing the foot to pace as if before amputation.

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High precision anaesthetic equipment

Ultra high precision engineered instrumentation for anaesthetic applications.

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